Shipping Policy offers two types of shipping methods.

Option 1: UPS Ground – Orders of products that are less than 13” in size and less than 75 lbs.
Option 2: LTL (Freight) – Orders of products over 13” in size and more than 75 lbs.

Generally mosaic orders under 40 SF ship ground unless they are larger mosaic tiles where LTL freight and a pallet are needed to support the shipment. Freight shipments are shipped curbside delivery only. There is no Inside Delivery offered.  All solid field Tile (12 x 12”, 18 x 18”, 12 x 24”, 24 x 24” and 16 x 32”) MUST ship by LTL Freight. For ground shipments UPS will drop those at front door and a signature is not required. However please note it is at UPS’s discretion if a person is needed to be there. If they decide the area looks unsafe or conditions are not suitable (raining or uncovered porch for example) they will not leave the package. They will leave a note. They will make three delivery attempts and then send back the package(s).

******ORDERS LARGER THAN 40 SQUARE FEET CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO A UPS STORE****** (UPS Stores will not accept pallet deliveries).

If you are placing an order for 30 to 40SF and need it to ship ground as you cannot be at home to accept the delivery, please let us know. Please understand the risk of UPS shipping ground, they see “Fragile Handle with Care Labels” as a suggestion. We prefer to ship freight as it then goes on a pallet or crate and has a much higher chance of arriving to you in one piece.

Every shipment is emailed tracking once it leaves our warehouse. Please use a good email address when you checkout. We will not give or sell your email address to anyone. Please check the spam folder for emails from us. That way when we send tracking or any emails we can be sure you receive them.



Shipping Exceptions: Our shipping rates are valid for only the mainland 48 states and delivery locations that are parts of mainland USA. Islands off the United States like Nantucket or many of the smaller islands that require ferry delivery would have to be individually quoted. You can place your order online but we have to come back and invoice for additional shipping. Please call us if you’d like an individual quote.

An example of the cost: Shipping to Cape Cod Express in Wareham, MA is just $175.00 for a pallet (flat rate shipping). Shipping the same pallet onto Nantucket Island is $2,375.00. We recommend that anyone wishing to ship to an Island off the USA ship to a local terminal, pick it up and take it over themselves. Freight companies do not want to ship over to small US Islands.

Freight shipments are on a pallet or inside a wooden crate. They are delivered by truck with lift-gate. Signature is required for delivery. The shipping company will call prior to delivery to arrange a day and time.

General Info and FAQ’s

For shipments booked residential the shipping company will make an appointment for delivery (commercial shipments will not receive a phone call), you have to be there to accept the delivery otherwise they cannot deliver. Understandably there will be a cost associated with having to take your shipment back to the terminal, then call you again to make a new appointment and re-deliver. Please try not to leave this to your contractor. Many decide to not wait on the site, go for coffee or take the day off. Please understand you will have to pay the redelivery charge. You know your home. This is probably not your first delivery. If you live on a farm and the road cannot be accessed by a heavy truck (for example bridges cannot handle more than 4,000Lbs) then the truck cannot get to your home. Do not expect one driver to carry your order to your front door. He will not do it. Make arrangements to meet the driver. The truck will leave the crate and you will have to get it in your home. Also if your home has a long narrow winding driveway and the truck cannot get down it, you will need to plan ahead. You know your own home so please use common sense.

2. If your order is shipping UPS ground please, please, please go online and track it. See when it will be delivered to you. Be involved in your shipment and help us unsure that it gets to you safely and in a timely manner.

3. Freight Shipment Delivery and Lead Times: All delivery dates are estimates. We cannot guarantee specific deadlines. We recommend booking installation after receipt of the product.

4. When ordering your product please pay close attention: When completing the “ship to” details, it may seem obvious but please pay close attention. Do not just enter a rough address, or a different address, or because it is a second or third order enter something else and assume we will just “work it out”, or enter the wrong address and email us the correct address and so on. Be accurate. We ship to exactly what you enter as the ship to address on your order. Freight companies will charge to change the ship to address, we will pass this cost onto you.

5. Please order everything at once: Particularly for marble, it allows us to match the lots. If you require subsequent product for the same project please contact us before ordering, so we can attempt to try and ship from the same lot as before. There is no guarantee a second shipment for the same job will match in shade and size. There is a variation of +/- 6mm for each tile measurement, between each lot. We are not involved in your installation plans (we are not installers). Measure twice and order.

If you did not order everything at once we cannot guarantee we will have the same lot available to ship you additional product. If you place another order you need to add in the comments “to go with order 12345” and reference the previous order number. There are many shipments that could have shipped since you placed your order. If you come online under a different email address, ship to address, use a different CC card, Name, etc. (any of these things are different) We are not going to know these orders are linked. So please communicate.

6. How should I inspect my freight shipment and what if product is missing? You must be there to meet the truck for a freight shipment. Inspect the outside of the boxes for any signs of damage. If the product is damaged the boxes will show distress and be torn. Open the boxes while the driver is there. Please note any damage on the shipping slip. If you do not note the damage we cannot file a claim on your behalf.

We list the product description and quantity on the packing slip. Please check the boxes to make sure everything matches what you ordered. Pencils and trims will always be on the top of the pallet, please ensure when you receive the pallet they are still there and intact.

What if product is missing? Call us to arrange for the replacement of the damaged product or any boxes that may be missing. You must contact us within 10 business days in regards to any missing product. Otherwise we cannot claim, we cannot ask UPS to look in their terminal. The right to file a claim is lost.

how can anyone know weeks later if anything was damaged during installation, carrying from crate to job area and thrown away by installer.  There are a range of reasons why it must be inspected and checked.

7. What if there is damage? Don’t Panic! Make a note on the delivery slip (BOL) for the amount of any damaged boxes or the amount of missing cartons – even make a note that there is damage. Ask them to call their supervisor if necessary especially if there is not time for the driver to wait for you to check the package – this will allow the Freight Company to leave the amount of damage open and wait for you to call them with the exact quantity. Sign the delivery slip and receive both the damaged and undamaged product.

8. Be prepared for freight shipment: Freight shipments are curbside deliveries so you will need to be prepared to move the material into your home. You need to be there when the pallet arrives. If you or someone else cannot meet the truck please do not order until a time when you can. This is a vital part of the process. Remember, you’re not ordering food.

9. What is curbside delivery? When a palletized shipment is delivered it will be unloaded on the street. For liability reasons, this is standard practice by all carriers. It will be your responsibility to move the material into the home or garage. Many customers arrange help accordingly (hint: your contractor is a good resource).

10. Ground Shipment: All UPS ground shipment claims must be made within 3 business days (please open the boxes and check once you receive the boxes). This enables us to ship you more product  because we can file a claim with UPS. After that time (for example 10 days) UPS will argue that the installer, contractor or home owner damaged the product.

Lost Shipments. We have to inform UPS they are (and any other shipping company are entitled to 72 hours to look for the shipment before re-shipping the product at their cost). So we have to follow the procedures.

11. How can I track my order? Your tracking number will be emailed to the email you provided when you place your order. So please do not leave an email address that you do not check or do not have access to (we will not sell your email or spam you, ever). Once you have the tracking number it is your responsibility to monitor the shipment. Please notify us of any delays or if the shipment seems to be frozen.

We will replace your product and work with the delivery companies on shipping claims. This is full service with us filing your claim providing you sign for the damage upon receipt of the shipment. We replace the product once we have a copy of the receipt noting the damage. (If we ship product prior to this and then cannot retrieve the slip then we cannot claim back the damaged product).

If you do not sign for shipping damage on the BOL at the time of delivery we lose our ability to file a claim with the delivery company on your behalf. This means we are not able to provide you with replacement material at no cost and you have to file a claim with the shipping company on your own.

Inspection: Claims for shortages or damages must be made upon receipt of the product and noted on the BOL. Purchaser/installer is responsible for final inspection. Do not install defective product. Use and attempted installation constitutes acceptance.

12. What if I am shipped the wrong item by mistake? Accidents happen, some of our products are quite similar. It is rare but they do happen. We will fix it at our cost. We will ship you the correct product and arrange pick up for the wrong material.

Please wait until you receive the product before you arrange any contractors or installers to work on the products you have purchased from us. There are many variables in shipping we cannot control, weather being the primary factor which may lead to potential delays. We make errors as well (they happen). Please wait until you have the product at your home, residence or store before arranging a date with an installer.

Do not book installers based on the ETA you receive from UPS. The three letter abbreviation of ETA is important it is “Estimated”. Get the product in and look at it. Then book the installer.

Tiles can be broken during transit. A broken tile can still be used. Tiles will need to be cut during installation to finish ends, use the broken tiles or trim pieces for this purpose. Mosaics can get some damage in shipping. We ship mosaics UPS or FedEx. While this is not the safest way to ship it is the most affordable. Mosaics can be removed from the mesh. They are designed that way. For example there 42 pieces of 2″ Hexagon on a sheet. If 4 tile chips are damaged on a 10 sheet order, we will send you 4 chips or 1 sheet (in the same way if you have an accident and dent a car bumper you do not have to buy them a new car, you replace the bumper).

Please Over Order. You want to be able to save 10-15SF. Please keep it in your Basement or Garage. You never know if you will need more for repairs, etc. and you will most likely not find an exact match.

Damage occurs in shipping and during manufacturing. It is rare. If you do not agree with this and require perfect tiles please do not purchase from our website.


Please order a sample of the mosaic before you buy to make certain any minor imperfections are acceptable.